Christopher Machine. providing quality machining for over three decades in the Greater Cleveland Area.

Equipment & Services

Automatic Turning Equipment

(2) Warner&Swasey 2AC Chuckers.

(2) Warner&Swasey 1AC Chuckers.

Bar Feeders

(1) Warner&Swasey 1AB Bar Machine.

(2) Harding Single Spindle Bar Machines

Conventional Lathe Turning.

(1) Warner&Swasey 3A Turret Lathe.

(1) Warner&Swasey 2A Turret Lathe.

(2) Warner&Swasey No.5 Turret Lathes.

(1) 36" Vertical Turret Lathe.

Engine Lathes.

1 Monarch 21" X 72"

2 SouthBens 14" X 36"

1 Bench Top.

Milling Machines.

3 Bridgeport Verticals

1 Cincinnati Vertical.

5 Cincinnati Horzontals.


Surface Grinding.


Up to 5" in diameter.


Stick, on Steel & Cast Iron. Mig

Welding, Steel & Aluminum.

Gass Welding

Spot Welding.

Plasma Cutting.

Computer controlled, Up to 1/2" thick.


Hydraulic Pressis up to 150 Tons

OBI up to 45 Tons.

Manual presses up to 50 tons.

Sheet Metal Fabricating.

Shears&Brakes, 10 Gauge and up to 3/4" thick

50 Ton Iron Worker.

Pinch Rolls 1/4" X 8 feet.


Sandblasting, Tumbling, & Painting.

Tool & Die.

Design, Build & Repair

Blanking, Punching, Bending & Forming.

Gigs & Fixtures.

Drilling, Milling, Grinding & Robot Welders.